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TRAINING TECHNOLOGY INCENTIVES TRAVEL/MEETINGS In addition to meeting all of the traditional challenges, you need to develop a message that can be used beyond the conference room or your Web site—one that can be taken to key decision-makers within your prospect’s organization. The problem with traditional presentation tools is that they use a lot of static text that makes them too long, too common and just plain boring. PowerPoint changed that for a while, but with technology changing so quickly, some claim that even this beloved presentation tool doesn’t cut it anymore. But Paradi disagrees. “I don’t think PowerPoint is becoming obsolete,” he says, “because while all these new technologies allow for a higher entertainment value, a good sales presentation should be focused on informing and persuading.” Paradi adds that PowerPoint is still the most widely used presentation [THE PULSE] PERCENTAGE OF SURVEYED MEDIA AND TECH COMPANIES THAT SAY THEY’RE FALLING BEHIND ON SECURITY THREATS. SOURCE: DELOITTE TOUCHE TOHMATSU SURVEY tool because, with an installed base of over 500 million copies, it is the most accessible medium for sales professionals and for clients. He points out that new presentation technologies carry a high price tag and an even higher cost if there’s a steep learning curve. Sales professionals and executives must weigh the benefits of a new presentation tool against the potential for more sales, and it might not be worth taking on the added effort and expense. “Busy sales professionals who want to get their jobs done quickly and effectively will continue to rely on the tool they already know and are comfortable with,” Paradi says. “In addition, there is a vast array of PowerPoint resources available, from books to CDs to online learning, that a busy sales professionals can access when they have questions. With newer technologies, that ready library of knowledge in easy-to-access formats just isn’t there.” The new breed of tools Nevertheless, there are a lot of new tools that can enhance your presentation. Hitachi Software, for example, now offers a line of interactive whiteboards, panels and portable tablets that offers dynamic and 34 SALES &MARKETING MANAGEMENT MARCH/APRIL 2008 engaging ways to grab and hold the attention of even the most technology-savvy meeting attendee. According to John Glad, product manager of Hitachi America, Ltd., “Operating the StarBoard software is simple for any presenter, and encourages group interaction with visual feedback immediately appearing on screen, which enables group contributions to a presentation as it is given.” The StarBoard BT-2G freedom tablet has a range of up to 65 feet and a 24-hour battery life, so it can be passed around a room during a presentation. This enables meeting attendees to annotate directly on the presentation screen to maximize audience participation and contribution. Dryfork Media Corporation has a new presentation software that gives the presenter greater visual impact and understanding, thanks to the 3D OpenGL technology used in the Microsoft Vista operating system. “Products using 2D can only provide 67% accuracy in visual space,” Nordgren says, “while 3D provides the ability to use all 100% of visual space, allowing ideas and concepts to be understood to a greater degree. “For example, if you are trying to sell the idea of a new heart catheter and how it is more flexible than current catheters on the market, a 3D image can make a difference in helping customers to ‘see’ the improvement.” The product can integrate video, sound and 3D animations into the presentation environment. “Objectoriented technology allows the re-use of page designs, 3D worlds and fly-throughs,” Nordgren says. “Once you design a 3D space, it can be used over and over again and can be combined with other 3D worlds.” Kaon Interactive’s solutions promise to make sales and marketing presentations more engaging by letting prospects and customers interact with products like they never could before. With Kaon, users can investigate moving parts; rotate, view and measure products from every angle; sample color options and explore unique features. Not exactly multimedia, the technology is Javaenabled and can be used within a number of platforms, from PDFs to Web sites to PowerPoint presentations. Users can combine 3D interactivity with relevant product information and messaging. In addition, the supporting content can help reps walk through the sales process. According to Alberts, Flash is the most powerful software tool today to leverage technology in sales presentations, and Flash interactive sales tools can serve multiple purposes. You can send them in advance of a meeting to prime your prospects and pique their interest, or you can leave them behind after the meeting to 49

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