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TRAINING TECHNOLOGY INCENTIVES TRAVEL/MEETINGS The missing ingredient Is your sales team truly prepared to play with the big dogs? T istock photo ry this experiment: Ask your customers what type of knowledge they most want your salespeople to have. Odds are the answers you get will surprise you. Once upon a time, the common answer would have been “product knowledge.” For years, customers needed salespeople to know their products inside and out so they could recommend the right one. But today, the Internet makes product knowledge accessible to everyone. More recently, the answer might have been “knowledge about the problems I face,” so the salesperson could recommend solutions. But that’s in the past, too. Today’s customers want salespeople to have “knowledge about my business.” Specifically, they want salespeople to understand their business drivers. This encompasses the overall business results the customers are trying to achieve, the strategies and initiatives they are pursuing to reach their goals, and the MARCH/APRIL 2008 financial metrics they use to measure their success. It also addresses the trends, challenges and opportunities that are transforming their marketplace. How does this affect sales training? Today, no sales curriculum is complete without courses that build business acumen. Without business acumen, salespeople can’t make sense of the internal and external forces their customers are wrestling with, let alone have conversations about them. [THE PULSE] SOURCE: BERSIN & ASSOCIATES’ 2008 CORPORATE LEARNING FACTBOOK 21 APPROXIMATE PERCENTAGE OF TRAINING PROGRAM DOLLARS SPENT ON LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT AND MANAGEMENT TRAINING. 30 SALES &MARKETING MANAGEMENT

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Digital Revenue Generation Guide
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Digital Revenue Generation Guide