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How blogs work... A blog, as we say, is basically an online journal where the entries are published with the most recent first. There are a number of features that make a blog noteworthy and different from other websites: Authorial voice: blogs tend to be written in a personal, conversational style. They are usually the work of identified author or group of authors. Topic: blogs tend to define what it is they are writing about, from as specific as a blog about a book in progress to widely general topics like `my musings on life and stuff'. Links and trackbacks: the services people use to write blogs make it very easy for them to insert links to other websites, usually as reference to an article or blog post or to provide further information about the subject they are writing about. Comments: each blog post has a comments section, which effectively acts as a message board for that article. On blogs with large audiences the debates in these sections can run to hundreds of comments at a time. Subscription: blogs can be subscribed to, usually via RSS technology. Blogs can be created quickly and easily using ant of a number of services. One of the simplest is the free Blogger service from Google. Others such as Wordpress and Typepad offer more features, the latter for a fee. What is Social Media? An e-book from Spannerworks 14 www.spannerworks.com/ebooks http://www.spannerworks.com/ebooks http://www.spannerworks.com/ebooks

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What is social media?
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What is Social Media?