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How social networks work... Social networks on the web are like contained versions of the wider blogosphere. People joining a social network generally build a profile and are then encouraged to build a network by connecting to friends or contacts in the network or by inviting real-world contacts and friends to join the social network. These communities retain the interest of their members by being useful to them and providing services that are entertaining or help them to expand their networks. MySpace, for instance, allows members to create vivid, chaotic home pages they have been likened to the walls of a teenage bedroom that they can upload images, videos and music to. MySpace has built a lot of its popularity around its music services. There are said to over 3 million bands and What is Social Media? An e-book from Spannerworks 23 www.spannerworks.com/ebooks http://www.spannerworks.com/ebooks http://www.myspace.com http://www.spannerworks.com/ebooks

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What is social media?
The new means of production and distribution
How social media works
How blogs work
How podcasts work
How social networks work
How content communities work
How Second Life works
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What is Social Media?