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How content communities work... Content communities look a bit like social networks - you have to register, have a home page and can make connections with friends - but they are generally focussed on sharing a particular type of content. The best way to illustrate this is of course to describe some of the most popular examples of content communities... Flickr is based around sharing photography and is the most popular service if its kind in the UK. Members upload their photos to the site and choose whether to make them public or just share with family and friends in their network. Thousands of groups on Flickr have formed around areas of common interest http://www.spannerworks.com/ebooks http://flickr.com http://www.spannerworks.com/ebooks

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What is social media?
The new means of production and distribution
How social media works
How blogs work
How podcasts work
How social networks work
How content communities work
How Second Life works
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What is Social Media?