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The World Media run 5-K Plan How to beat your buddy in the next cubicle in just five short weeks By Kristen Wolfe Bieler—Published in Runner’s World 06/08/2007 t’s the perfect distance: 3.1 miles require relatively little buildup, the training doesn’t take over your life, and the race is over fairly quickly. By logging only three or four runs per week, you can be ready to toe the line of a 5-K in just five weeks. And having that race date on your calendar gives your training purpose, says Jane Serues, of Springtown, Pennsylvania, founder of Making Strides and First Strides training workshops for women. “The runners I coach are much more motivated knowing the 5-K is approaching than they would be if they simply promised themselves they’d run.” Chris Carmichael, founder o f Carmichael Training Systems, also encourages runners—whether they’re competitive or not—to try a 5-K. “A 5-K race is an attainable goal for any runner.” Plus, there’s the “fun factor,” says RW columnist Jeff Galloway, coach and author of Running: Getting Started. “My favorite thing about 5-K races is the atmosphere. Almost everyone there is in a good mood. How many other events in your life are like that?” I The Plan: Five Weeks In the five weeks leading up to your first 5-K, most coaches agree that you need to run three or four days a week. During one of those weekly runs, you should focus on increasing the amount you can run at one time until you build to at least the race distance, or the equivalent amount of time spent running. “I encourage runners, particularly beginners, to focus on minutes, not mileage,” says Serues. “Thinking in minutes is more gradual and self-paced.” Completing the equivalent of the 5-K distance in training gives you the strength and confidence you need to finish the race. And if you increase your long run up to six miles (or roughly twice the amount of time it should take you to cover the race distance), you’ll run with even greater strength (or speed, if that’s your thing). Most of your running during the week should be at a comfortable pace. This is especially true for runners who simply want to finish the race. But since adding some faster training to your schedule is the best way to

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