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CHASING TRAFFIC Eight vehicle wraps help clients track down attention. By Britney Grimmelsman Out-of-home advertising runs the gamut – from roadside billboards and graphics-adorned bus shelters to subway messaging and spectacular building murals. And while each of these printed solutions certainly serves as an eye-catching means to turn the unsuspecting passerby into a prospective customer, they also share a mutual disadvantage: They all require that the targeted audience make their way to a specific locale in order to obtain the intended message. But there is, of course, a much more mobile out-of-home solution: vehicle wraps (aka transit graphics). Wrapping a car, truck, bus, boat, or any mobile ad “canvas” provides your clients with the unique capability to go where the audience is – and to adjust the “where” in question as needed – to ensure their message is seen. Is your customer looking to promote a new store loca12 THE BIG PICTURE MAY 2012 tion? Drive the wrapped vehicle around the block throughout the day to intrigue the locals, or simply park it outside the location when gas prices get too other-worldly. Wanting to attract a niche market? Motor your client’s message to audience-specific events, getting direct and immediate face time with the intended crowd. And if pure numbers are what’s craved, cruise down the city’s busiest highway during peak rush hours to garner thousands of looks. All of your clients are vying for a second look from their target audience. Done right, vehicle wraps can help your customer’s message get not only that second look, but perhaps a third and a fourth – opening up a veritable autobahn of possibilities. On the pages that follow, we present eight vehicle wraps and graphics jobs sure to bump you out of the slow lane and provide you with some attention-grabbing mobile ideas.

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The Big Picture - May 2012
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The Big Picture - May 2012