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t t g g tin Fin Put in MUNRO FASTENINGS ‘ Sp ish eci ing alty’ To ols These 18 tools can help keep the production oor humming. Like Cutting Butter The handheld TC 20 Thermocutter from AZ Formen is compact and easy to use for cutting plastics, fabrics, polystyrene, rubber, and other materials. It o ers: adjustable power regulation; rapid blade heat up (with overheating protection); easily changed blades; LED function control; and much more. A variety of Thermocutter blades are available for di erent applications. A Cutting Foot accessory allows for lifting the fabric o the table for a more scissor-like cut (and keeps the blade from damaging the table). US representative is Abbeon Cal Inc. ( AZ FORMEN he Too often, print shops strive to get by with less when it comes to fi nishing tools. While it’s easy to continue to utilize the same sewing machine or welder that’s been the shop’s mainstay for two decades, it just might be time to begin looking around for that particular tool’s replacement. Or, perhaps you previously outsourced all or some aspect of fi nishing and you’re now looking to bring these services in-house. This month, we report on 18 specialty finishing tools that caught our editorial eye. Keep in mind that we’ve avoided certain tried-and-true finishing categories only because they’ve appeared elsewhere within these pages this year (or will soon do so): laminates (January issue); cutters and routers (last issue); and laminators (July). One-Stroke Eyelets Munro’s 16FEI automatic pneumatic eyelet and washer setting machine (pictured above) is capable of cutting a hole in a variety of materials – including aluminum sign board and Kevlar, reports the company – and then feeding and setting the eyelet and washer in a single stroke. Setting time: less than 1 second; no adjustment is necessary when setting through thin or thick material, reports Munro. The 16FEI can be set up for either plain eyelets with tooth or neck washers, or rolled rim eyelets and washers. Comes complete with workbench, tool kit, and spare die. Heated Solution If you’re seeking a solution for frayed ends or just small cutting jobs, HSGM USA’s HSG-0 Heat Cutter with Polyamid housing and a Kevlar cord might be the answer. This hand-operated heat cutting tool is engineered to cut small quantities and short-time operation. It’s suitable for cutting and edge-sealing of synthetic fibers, cords, ropes, webbing, and belting. It also boasts a Kevlar covering on the cord, to prevent the user from accidentally severing it. Heat-up time of the blade is 6-8 seconds; blade tempera- 22 THE BIG PICTURE MAY 2012

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The Big Picture - May 2012
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The Big Picture - May 2012