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Visibility Twelve display systems to help bring your client’s message to the fore. Why be “vanilla” when it comes to display options when you can o er something exciting for your client? That seems to be the message this year in looking at the various display systems across the marketplace. Yes, traditional displays – popup tradeshow units, banner stands, etc. – are still available and always in demand. But if you want your customer’s message to stand out in the crowd, you need to be able to provide some more intriguing possibilities. Some trends we’ve noticed: • Bigger alternatives: Display manufacturers are recognizing that, sometimes, just being more massive garners more attention. • More motion and/or interactivecapable: Customers are demanding ways to integrate motion into displays and also be capable of responding to touch or motion. • Greater use of illumination: Also a major attention-grabber, light adds to an already successful display and its graphics. The dozen displays and systems highlighted here represent just some of the marketplace solutions that are out there. The bottom line: Help your client bring his or her message to the fore and you’re likely to be rewarded with more work. MAXING OUT 22 THE BIG PICTURE NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2012

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Big Picture - November/December 2012
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Big Picture - November/December 2012