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job log Beautifying the Park “With our expertise and calibrated systems, we were able to produce final art that exceeded the artist’s expectations. She did not know it was possible to get such detail and color at this very large size.” The Client City of New York’s Downtown Alliance The Player Color X ( Tools & Supplies EFI Vutek 3360 EC, Ultraflex mesh, zip ties, grommets The Job From the shores of Long Island to the mighty Niagara Falls, New York’s 178 state parks o er its citizens brief escapes from the landscape of skyscrapers and concrete. But, when construction takes over, the environment can begin to lack its natural luster. To combat the temporary ugliness of construction that was occurring at Lower Manhattan Cultural Council’s LentSpace in Tribeca, the city of New York contracted NYC-based Color X to output visually pleasing graphics. “This recent public-art installation is one of many locations in downtown New York that are part of a recent program to beautify the area,” says Color X owner Gary Teich. “The art installations are a great way to feature local artists and bring art into the construction areas. The idea was to close visibility of the ongoing construction and at the same time beautify the neighborhood by having an artist’s work displayed.” Production The artwork was set up as an InDesign fi le and Color X then enlarged the graphics, sizing them to accommodate all of the gaps in the fence so that the gates would be functional and the image would be continuous. “The artist was extremely critical of color and image quality,” says Teich. Twenty-inch-wide mini proofs of the areas that the artist requested were printed for color correction and a full-size proof was also shown to ensure print quality, all on the same media used for final output. For media, Color X chose Ultraflex vinyl mesh, to allow wind to pass through without damaging the graphics. Using its EFI Vutek 3360 EC printer, the shop output the images onto both sides of the media, producing two graphics, one measuring 90-inch x 130-feet, the other at 90-inch x 165-feet. Finishing involved the addition of grommets and reinforcing the edges with webbing. Production took only two days. A team of three installed the graphics in about five hours. “The condition of the fence wasn’t very good, which complicated installation.” 40 THE BIG PICTURE NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2012

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Big Picture - November/December 2012
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Big Picture - November/December 2012