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upfront upfront Mars Needs H2O As even the casual follower of unexplained mysteries and flying saucers knows, New Mexico has a reputation for alien sightings and other strange goings-on – most notably the infamous “Roswell Incident,” which sparked the UFO craze back in 1947. So when ad agency Cramer-Krasselt ( created a new, other-worldly campaign for Crystal Springs Bottled Water, it decided to play o the company’s long-running “It’s that good!” tag line with a billboard showcasing space aliens “abducting” a truck-full of the company’s water back to their home planet. Where better to launch the campaign than New Mexico – this time, about 200 miles north of Roswell, in Albuquerque. To bring the concept to life, Cramer-Krasselt teamed with Clear Channel Outdoor and Circle Graphics ( Illustrator Wayne Watford created the graphics, utilizing Illustrator and Photoshop, “as well as NewTek LightWave 3D software to make the spaceship and truck appear more realistic,” says Kristin Fletcher, CramerKrasselt vice president. Circle Graphics only had to re-size and manipulate the illustration to fit within the allowed dimensions for board and extensions. Colors were adjusted for best viewing during both daytime and evening hours. Final output was produced with Circle’s EFI Vutek GS3250R printer, using the company’s in-house solvent inks onto Cooley Vinyl Flex (7.5-ounce), then adhered to high-density particle board. The graphics for the main 14 x 48-foot board were printed as one seamless panel (standard bleed and pocket). The other project components were printed as separate pieces with bleed only (no pocket) so they could be custom trimmed, says Fletcher. There were seven extensions in all, including the truck (9 x 21 feet), saucer (various, including the middle top, measuring 4 x 16 feet), and the beam extension (4 x 13 feet). In all, output totaled five days. Beyond the print work, the team had to execute a variety of other details to help this H2O abduction truly look like a close encounter, including some meticulous planning to ensure smooth transitions from the billboard to the extensions. Some specific details: • Precision cutting with a jigsaw helped preserve the details of the truck extension; • A sturdy bracket system was installed to discreetly support the truck extension; and • Special lighting was installed beneath the deck so the truck would be visible at night. Installation for the project was handled by Clear Channel. 8 THE BIG PICTURE NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2012

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Big Picture - November/December 2012
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Big Picture - November/December 2012