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in this issue APRIL 2013 Volume 18 Number 3 COLUMNS 4 InSight Don’t pull a Rory. 16 Inside Output Dealing with storms and droughts. 18 Business + Management Right-sizing your staff. 8 20 Becoming a Pace Setter By Mike Antoniak 27 RIP Tide RIPs can help ensure image quality, perform critical color matching, streamline a shop’s workflow, and take on other critical tasks as well. We provide you with information on nearly 50 third-party RIPS geared toward wide-format output. 34 Success with Dynamic Signage By Mike Antoniak Thinking of expanding your business by adding electronic digital signage? Here, we showcase five print providers who have had varying degrees of success with integrating this technology into their company’s offerings. THE BIG PICTURE APRIL 2013 Wide Angle 10 UpFront Panther Graphics hit high speeds as it specialized in high-performance wraps for IndyCar and the National Guard. Now, the offshoot of Panther Racing is wrapping just about anything that comes into the shop – from sports cars to helmets to tractors, and more. 2 6 Power trip to New York City, plus an earthshattering fi x. FEATURES ON THE COVER: Panther Graphics ( hits the track with its turbocharged IndyCar wraps. Cover design by Laura Mohr. DEPARTMENTS 10 News and noteworthy. 38 R+D The latest tech, products, and supplies. 48 Explorer The world of wide format.

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The Big Picture - April 2013
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Inside Output
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Becoming a Pace Setter
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Success with Dynamic Signage

The Big Picture - April 2013