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Success with Dynamic Signage Opportunities await those willing to commit. By Mike Antoniak At first glance, electronic digital signage – aka “dynamic signage” – might appear to be a ripe opportunity to expand your business. After all, many of the same clients who turn to you for their print work would also likely benefit from some form of dynamic signage. Electronic digital signage, however, is a very challenging market. The competition can be fierce, and margins tight – nothing necessarily new about those factors versus print. But, before you can enter this arena, you must also master an entirely new technology and all its nuances, all the while providing some easy-to-use solutions to a diverse set of client needs. As the following examples show, it can be done. Those who have successfully expanded into dynamic signage all possess the vision, resources, and determination to make it an attractive and affordable option for their clients. And in the process, they’ve also managed to create new opportunities to sell their print services. 34 THE BIG PICTURE april 2013 Films versus monitors Express Image ( in Little Canada, Minnesota, might have an inside track on the future of P-O-P. “Bring retail branding to the next level by combining remarkable printed graphics with the power of digital video,” the company invites on its website. What’s intriguing about its approach: The company developed its own video-projection film as the centerpiece of its digital signage solution, Active Graphics (expressimage. com/active-graphics). It’s used for interactive sign windows within larger wraps, and in a new generation of shelf and floor talkers – what it refers to as “virtual mannequins” and smaller “miniquins.” With these, the person or character addressing the audience is projected on a 3D form that’s wrapped with the film. “By developing our own film, we’ve dramatically lowered the costs,” says Mike Sloan, executive vice president. “That makes this practical for more businesses and more

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The Big Picture - April 2013
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The Big Picture - April 2013