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Industry Roundtable: Analyzing the Year Ahead Where wide format is headed in 2014 and beyond. As always, what awaits us in the year ahead is, at best, unknowable. So many factors enter into the mix – those under our control and those completely out of our control – that some would say it’s a crap shoot. To truly get a snapshot of 2014, you have to take into account not only variables from the 12 months ahead, but also the year that’s finishing up, and then factor in the last several years and, somehow, the next few years to come. Influences, trends, and outcomes from all of these come into play. Yes, that’s all a bit daunting, but it shouldn’t deter you from devising plans for your company that map out strategies for success. Do your best to take all those factors into account; rely on your own good data and historical figures, but also garner information and opinions from your employees and your market’s peers and competi18 THE BIG PICTURE November/December 2013 tors if possible; strive to incorporate data from other market segments that might have an influence on your own business going forward. To help you, we’ve assembled six of the industry’s top analysts and consultants and asked them some specific questions about the marketplace: Where does it stand now? Where will it be in 2014 and beyond? What courses of action do you need to take now to help ensure your company’s success? For this year’s edition of our annual Industry Roundtable, our participants include: Lori Anderson, president and CEO, International Sign Association (ISA); Marco Boer, vice president, I.T. Strategies; Tim Greene, director, wide format consulting service, InfoTrends; Dan Marx, vice president, markets & technologies, Specialty Graphic Imaging Associa- tion (SGIA); Peter Mayhew, director, LightWords Ltd.; and John Zarwan, managing partner, J Zarwan Partners. Q What does the next year look like for print providers? Are you optimistic or pessimistic about 2014 for wideformat shops? Tim Greene, InfoTrends: I’m optimistic overall because our research with print buyers indicates that, by more than a 5:1 ratio, they expect their spending on wide-format signage and graphics to increase over the next year. But how much that helps print providers in general will depend on their ability to meet the needs of new and demanding customers. Dan Marx, SGIA: I see 2014 as filled with opportunity. Industry confi-

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