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Outstanding Outdo Message received: nine intriguing out-of-home projects. It’s been nearly 150 years since out-of-home advertising became a truly commercial enterprise in the US, when the earliest records of leases on billboards show up. But as the Outdoor Advertising Association (OAAA) points out, expand the definition of “out-of-home” just a bit and you can track it back further into history – to illustrated posters in the 1790s, printed monotone handbills in the 1450s, and even stone obelisks that served to publicize treaties in ancient Egypt. Today, you won’t find outdoor advertising being used all that much when it comes to nation treaties, but it does play a role in publicizing just about everything else. And, of course, it’s also grown well beyond the confines of the limited, flat, printed handbill or poster. By partnering with well-equipped print providers, advertisers and their agencies can now integrate their message into a limitless number of sites, and the message itself can take on an endless array of forms. This month, we showcase nine out-of-home projects we feel deserve special attention – whether it be because 28 THE BIG PICTURE November/December 2013

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The Big Picture - November 2013
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The Big Picture - November 2013