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explorer 5 3 4 1 2 Wide Format Around the Globe 1 SydnEy | Internet provider iiNet invited commuters at the Wynyard station in Sydney, Australia, to play Twister (as well as snap selfies and partake in social media) as part of a station domination. The campaign, produced by Western Australian advertising agency Meerkats (, consisted of 77 posters - including bulkheads, floor graphics, pillar graphics, and wall graphics. 10,000 images of Portugal printed via Sign's Durst Rho 500R roll-to-roll printer and Rho Roll Inks. The printing volume of the cover and the 16 inside pages comprised 2172 square feet of Pongs Technical Textiles Blockout 290 media. 4 nEw yoRk CITy | Clear Channel Outdoor (CCO) with Lady Gaga revealed the pop artist's cover artwork, designed by artist Jeff Koons, for her new album, "ARTPOP" in a piece-by-piece unveiling on CCO digital billboards and screens in major cities across the globe, including CCO's Spectacolor billboard in Manhattan's Times Square. Tweets from fans with #iHeartARTPOP were also incorporated in the dynamic display. 2 nEw ZEaland | Artists and designers from around the world competed last year at the 25th anniversary WOW 2013 World of WearableArt Show ( in Wellington, New Zealand. Emma and Karl Van Der Wat of Auckland took first place for their Astrodelic Psychonaut design in the Man Unleashed: Psychedelic Revival category. The artists used nearly 30 feet of RTape's VinylEfx Silver Metal Flake metalized PVC for the design. 3 PoRTUGal | Laboratorios Fotograficos Do Marco with Sign and Durst Iberica presented "the largest Photo Album in the World" to the Guinness Book of World Records at a ceremony in Porto, Portugal. The album, "Portugal, the best destination" contains 48 THE BIG PICTURE January/February 2014 5 RUSSIa | Print shop SUN Studio Novosibirsk ( went center stage for The Novosibirsk State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre, one of the biggest theatres in Russia, for its English music comedy performance of "The marriage Bill." SUN printed the national Scottish ornaments (tartan) onto eight sheets (5 x 10 ft each) of cotton fabric. After printing, the cotton was stretched on special movable frames established for stage equipment, reports SUN.

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The Big Picture - January/February 2014
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The Big Picture - January/February 2014