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in this issue March 2014 Volume 19 Number 2 COLUMNS 4 InSight Expanding your print shop's boundaries. 12 Inside Output The whys and wherefores of interior d├ęcor. 14 Business + Management Are you a sheepherder - or a shepherd? 6 DEPARTMENTS FEATURES 16 White-Hot: Five Shops Explore White Ink The novelty of white ink may have worn off, but having that in-house capability is still something you need in order to be a full-service partner that addresses clients' graphics needs. Here, we showcase five shops that are exploring the expanding universe of white-ink applications. 20 Great Ideas: ISA Expo 2014 24 Front- and Back-End Tools Just as important in ensuring that a project is produced efficiently and profitably are the various front-end components - estimating, managing inventory, project scheduling - and an assortment of back-end aspects - warehousing, shipping, invoicing, and so on. These 30 sources for business-andmanagement software can help you figure it all out. 2 THE BIG PICTURE March 2014 Wide Angle Supercalifragilistic-graphics 8 Up Front News and noteworthy. 28 R+D Sunny skies and palm trees are in your future - if you plan on attending ISA Expo in Orlando this April. To get you prepared for the show, we've provided eight points of interest, including critical dates and times, exciting networking possibilities, and even some fun events that take place throughout the expo. Plus: the five top nearby beaches. ON THE COVER: 54blue ( explores the universe of white ink at The Impact Lab, a learning center at the Winsport heritage center in canada. cover design by Kathleen DeZarn. 6 40 The latest tech, products, and supplies. 40 Job Log SpongeBob gets "Tanked."

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The Big Picture - March 2014
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White-Hot: Five Shops Explore White Ink
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The Big Picture - March 2014