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Go Big or Go Home Six companies prove superwide projects leave a big impact. By Adrienne Palmer A great motto to have in your shop is "go big or go home." When working on a project, your team should do whatever needs to be done to produce outstanding graphics and, hence, a happy client - because if not, what's the point? But "go big or go home" has another meaning as well: going over the top when it comes to a graphic's size or, in some cases, an entire project. Supersizing the images and supporting materials to achieve a massive effect that just can't be realized with smaller graphics. Big is all around us. Wheat Thins promotes Big Bold flavors, Utah's football facility holds big student athletes, and the Kansas City Royals are looking for big hitters. Here, we provide you with the shops who work with these clients to make their big themes become big reality - from building takeovers to building wraps, to tour buses and billboards. There's no "going home" when it comes to these six superwide projects. 16 THE BIG PICTURE April 2014

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The Big Picture - April 2014
Wide Angle
Up Front
Graphics on the Go
Dynamic Signage
Go Big or Go Home
RIP Chord: Creating a Harmonious Workflow
Weighing in on the RIP
The Ups and Downs of an Escalator Wrap

The Big Picture - April 2014