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Deer Caught in the Spotlight A faux trophy head is designed to stand out among a restaurant's current décor. By Shane Furey As part of a rebranding project, Red Robin restaurants enlisted bluemedia and its sister company Blind Society to come up with some ideas to complement their existing décor. The restaurants have a well-established Americana motif, featuring prints and items from pop-culture over the years (not to mention endless French fries), and the challenge was to stay within their current theme, but find some unique ways to implement the graphics so they'd stand out among the traditional wall prints. Our shop has a long history of executing two-dimensional graphics for our clients (such as murals and banners), but this project provided us with the opportunity to work outside our normal offerings - and consider not just the graphics on an item, but how the item itself needed to be constructed. We proposed a number of ideas to Red Robin, combining our traditional print work with custom elements. Among the proposals: a trophy-style deer's head made to look like it was built from standard road and street signs. 24 THE BIG PICTURE JUNE/JULY 2014

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The Big Picture - June/July 2014
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The Big Picture - June/July 2014