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Expert's Guide to BIG PICTURE May 2015 W 30 ith transport becoming far and wide, with evident emphasis on emerging markets as well as those that are ever becoming more advanced in the easier from most parts of technologies they employ. There has been significant growth the globe, and despite in shows designed for specific nations but, for more estabcompetitive events such as lished demographics, its overall attraction has continued to draw international exhibitors and visitors. ISA and SGIA Expo taking place in the US, the FESPA 2015's focus on the continued evolution of travel and exploration is reflected in their suggestion that print businesses expectations of a strong FESPA international should broaden their horizons. To this end, FESPA attendees audience are high for this year's show. should welcome the addition of Printeriors, which is focused on interior design applications - one of the fastest growing sectors It was to FESPA's good fortune that the introduction of for those already immersed in wide-format processes. digital technology into the mainstream came at a time when The organic crossover in the three key areas of FESPA the association's concentration on screen printing was, by the nature of the beast, being challenged by innovative processes. Screen, FESPA Digital, and FESPA Fabric acknowledges that visitors cannot and should not be compartmentalized and that The exponential growth of digital technology means it has exhibitors, too, should be aware that there aren't always clear now overtaken the analog element of the exhibition. It has, in divisions between processes and how end results are fact, even become a strong enough influence to warrant a achieved. Structuring an exhibition into clear zones doesn't show of its own in the FESPA Digital series that started in mean one element is divorced from the others. Instead, Amsterdam in 2006 and dovetails neatly into the framework navigation is organized to ensure that borders between of the main show. The timing of FESPA's events increasingly brushes against technologies don't exist. The emphasis is currently on improving techniques and shows such as drupa, which is now shifting to a three- instead technologies that are already out there, so expect technological of a four-year cycle. Yet Cologne, the latest venue, retains the improvements this year, rather than jaw-dropping innovations. emphasis on Germany as a strong choice of venue and, to date, FESPA expects 700 exhibitors at the five-day event. The In terms of evolution, the growth of LED curing in UV-curable international appeal of FESPA exhibitions spreads its tentacles print devices looks set to continue and will certainly step up in

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