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NEWS BIG PICTURE September 2015 Printing the Impossible 6 Print shop Unicorn Graphics ( set out to do what seemed unattainable: Print on any imaginable substrate. Starting with a portrait printed on nearly 10,000 screw heads, they have since tackled peanut shells, golf tees, bread, and more. Created with a modified UV flatbed with special adhesion promotors manufactured in-house, these proprietary Spatial Prints offer brand managers and other customers the opportunity to incorporate elements of their actual brand - be it bookends, raw spaghetti, or wine corks - into their marketing materials. And the obstacles extend beyond Unicorn's avant-garde engineering: Each new substrate - gummy bears, for example - is a new color calibration riddle, not to mention a workflow challenge when it comes to prepping a run of up to a few thousand. But the ability to do what conceivably no one else can has its dividends, especially in a world where retailers are eager for new ways to stand out.

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Big Picture - September 2015
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Big Picture - September 2015