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You Ask, We Answer Digital printing and industry experts tackle your top questions, challenges, concerns, and frustrations as 2015 comes to a close. COMPILED BY ROBIN DONOVAN MEET THE EXPERTS CRAIG MILLER - president/CEO, Pictographics TERRY CORMAN - CEO, Firehouse JARED SMITH - president, bluemedia BILL BROUHLE - senior application specialist, Agfa RANDY PAAR - marketing manager, Large Format Solutions, Canon Solutions America BIG PICTURE November/December 2015 TIFFANY WAKIMOTO - marketing manager, Roland 18 CHRIS MORRISON - print industry consultant, independent MARKETING MORASS: How to sell yourself without alienating distributors Q: We recently purchased a Roland VersaUV LEJ-640FT flatbed printer and had some printing jigs/templates made so we can print directly to hockey sticks, baseball bats, game-use hockey pucks, and tabletops. We keep finding more and more objects we're able to print on - and we want to keep growing. We have always gotten our business via word-of-mouth and are thinking of doing some local marketing. There are so many marketing options that it is overwhelming. At the same time, if we advertise, we might deter the wholesale dealers that we have because their customers may then shop direct. Any suggestions? - ROBBIE ILLOS-GERTH, president/designer/creator, illistrative gallerie &, Buffalo, New York A: That's definitely a tough position to be in with your wholesale dealers. I might suggest that you launch a special campaign to your wholesale dealers to offer a heavier "wholesale" vendor discount, and let them know that you might be advertising on a wider level just so they have a heads up. As for narrowing down your options for marketing - all I can say is that it's important to know your audience to market effectively. Social media can have a wide reach, and you can even narrow down Facebook ads by region and preferences. - TIFFANY WAKIMOTO, marketing manager, Roland Questions and responses have been edited for brevity and clarity. Views shared represent those of independent experts and readers.

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Big Picture - November/December 2015
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Big Picture - November/December 2015