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SNAPSHOTS Too Pretty to Pitch Mood Garden aims to redefine the tea-time routine. M ood Garden ( is an online tea retailer with a lofty mission: to change the way you drink your tea. The company wanted to combine high-grade tea, the use of which is often associated with separate infusers and other tools, with the convenience of a tea bag—all the while preserving the ritualistic nature of the tea-brewing process. The solution? Modern packaging. “We wanted the package to be colorful, inviting, portable, delightful, ridiculously unique and respectful of ritual. The stick shape has a comfortable hold and ts in purses, books and folders,” says company co-founder Alexander Chin, who also designed, engineered and illustrated the packaging. Each pack is composed of an outer sleeve and an inner stick. The pointed top acts as the pull tab to access the tea bags. Each stick contains ve tea bags that cover the oral illustrations. Each tea blend is associated with a unique color and ower. The ower is intended to give the consumer a way to visualize the company’s mood concept. The back of the stick shows the speci c ower growing taller as more of the illustration is revealed each time the drinker accesses the next tea bag. The owers were illustrated by hand in an attempt to create packaging too beautiful to discard. Chin thinks drinkers will nd a variety of ways to repurpose the packaging sticks. He suggests the sticks’ vertical orientation makes them great for use as bookmarks. 10 MARCH 2012

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Package Design - March 2012
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Package Design - March 2012