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CONTENTS MARCH 2012 VOL. 10 NO. 2 COLUMNS 14 DESIGNER’S CORNER by Marcus Hewitt Marcus Hewitt of Dragon Rouge unveils a system for better communication of product ingredients for superb package designs. 20 FEATURES 20 16 SUSTAINABLY SPEAKING by Wendy Jedlicka Good, sustainable packaging ideas are all around us. We just need to recognize Mother Nature as both mentor and measure. Recaptured Passion Flying Dog Brewery’s art director returns the fierceness to the craft beer’s package designs. 24 The Charms of Color Explore the ways color is used in food packaging to influence consumers. DEPARTMENTS 4 6 EDITOR’S LETTER FRONT PANEL 28 Beyond the Morning After A new container showcases CodeBlue’s true identity. 10 10 SNAPSHOTS 34 PRODUCT FOCUS: FLEXIBLE PACKAGING 38 ON PACKAGEDESIGN MAG.COM 39 DATEBOOK 39 INDEX OF ADVERTISERS 40 GLOBESPOTTING by Lynn Dornblaser Self-heating cans aren’t just for coffee anymore. The active packaging technology is now being used to deliver hot, fast and portable snacks for Australians on the go. 32 Look, Listen, Create Luxe Pack returns to New York with more to inspire a creative’s muse. ON THE COVER Sports-recovery drink CodeBlue moves from slim aluminum cans to easy-grip PET bottles with colorful shrink sleeves. On page 28, read about how the new packages deliver a more commanding presence on shelf and prevent consumers from incorrectly categorizing the beverage as an energy drink. 2 MARCH 2012

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Package Design - March 2012
Editor’s Letter
Front Panel
Designer’s Corner
Sustainably Speaking
Recaptured Passion
The Charms of Color
Beyond the Morning After
Look, Listen, Create
Product Focus: Flexible Packaging
On Packagedesign
Index of Advertisers

Package Design - March 2012