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PRODUCT FOCUS FLEXIBLE PACKAGING A Flair for the Flexible These materials present numerous opportunities for pliant packaging. 1 Stand-up Pouch TerraFLEX RP is a fully recyclable standup pouch that’s designed for use in a variety of flexible-packaging applications. According to Star Packaging, the 100% polyester pouch’s clarity is similar to standard PET laminations, and an oxygen barrier can be added without compromising the recyclability of the package.  2 High-barrier Pouch Ampac’s No. 2 Pouch is a nonlaminated, stand-up pouch that’s predominantly high-density polyethylene, allowing it to be labeled with the Society of the Plastics Industry (SPI) number 2 triangle. The pouch is engineered for stiffness and strength in three-side-seal flat or stand-up with bottom gusset. Ampac says its No. 2 Pouch also provides a high barrier to moisture and excellent puncture resistance for greater product protection. It can be recycled with retail shopping bags.  3 Stick Packs Stick Packs are designed to be sleek, convenient, travel-friendly, single-serve solutions for food, beverages, supplements, pharmaceuticals and more. According to T.H.E.M., Stick Packs use 10 to 40% less material, thereby reducing the effect of packing production and use on the environment. The shape of a Stick Pack is designed to minimize supply-chain impact by enhancing space utilization and increasing the efficiency of shipping and distribution.  34 MARCH 2012

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Package Design - March 2012
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Package Design - March 2012