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GLOBESPOTTING BY LYNN DORNBLASER Comfort Food Made Convenient Hot, fast and portable come to snack time. VITAL STATISTICS CONTENTS THE PRODUCT It’s not just for coffee anymore—a self-heating can for mushroom soup keeps the hunger pangs away. THE INNOVATIONS The technology behind the package is innovative. It’s a double-chambered aluminum can. Soup is housed in the outer chamber, and water and calcium oxide in the inner chamber. These two components stay separated until a consumer presses a button that mixes them together. The resulting reaction gets the product hot really fast. Cream of mushroom soup GOALS THE PERSPECTIVE Self-heating cans have been ring up the coffee market for a while now. Early applications included a double shot of espresso that perked up Italian consumers, and later applications included blended coffee drinks that satis ed U.S. consumers’ thirst for convenient lattes. Clearly, beverages dominated the concepts. Now, the can is delivering a hot snack for hungry Australians on the go. It’s a pretty straightforward activation process: turn the can upside down, peel off the tamper-evident seal and rmly push the button at the bottom of the can. You know you’ve done it right when the can makes a bit of a crunch sound. Shake the can from side to side for 30 seconds, turn it upright and wait three minutes. Deliver a hot snack that’s more convenient than a microwave entree TARGET On-the-go consumers MATERIAL WHY WE LOVE IT How the package works is simple yet intriguing, and the relative ease of use and on-the-go attributes make it on trend. Doublechambered aluminum can DECORATIVE PROCESS FUTURE PROSPECTS Self-heating cans could be used for products outside the kitchen, perhaps for personal-care products, such as lotions or hair treatments. What has limited this concept is how it’s usually marketed. Right now, most of the self-heating cans sit on the shelf without any explanation. Clear communication to consumers about the package’s bene ts is key to unlocking the concept’s potential. PD Gravure THE OPPORTUNITIES If the opportunities for self-heating beverages are good, they are even better for self-heating soups. A quick, hot beverage is available virtually anywhere, but a hot, fast, drinkable snack is harder to nd. Lynn Dornblaser ( is the director of CPG Trend Insight at Mintel International, working out of the company’s Chicago of ce. 40 MARCH 2012

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Package Design - March 2012
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Package Design - March 2012