Package Design - June 2012 - (Page 18)

Eyes Marchon3D creates an awardwinning vision for its 3-D Glasses POP display. By Keith Loria Marchon3D’s Paul Yip looked to all types of youth packaging and products to get a better understanding of the target consumer’s lifestyle. This inspiration helped him design a POP display that markets the brand effectively. The final box in sleek blue-and-white has a futuristic look. 18 JUNE 2012

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Package Design - June 2012

Package Design - June 2012
From the Editor
Front Panel
Student Showcase
Sustainably Speaking
Eyes on the Prize
This Spud’s for You
Packaging Gets Personal
Chemical Enhancers
First Order of Business
Product Focus: Components — Caps, Seals and Handles
Index of Advertisers
Field Notes

Package Design - June 2012