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CONTENTS JUNE 2012 VOL. 10 NO. 5 COLUMNS 15 STUDENT SHOWCASE by LInda Casey Two-piece shipper securely transports and beautifully displays produce. 16 SUSTAINABLY SPEAKING by Kevin Diegel Three easy tips for designing greener packages. 36 FIELD NOTES FEATURES 18 24 Experts weigh in on Diet Coke’s risqué promotional packaging. Eyes on the Prize by Keith Loria Marchon3D’s award-winning vision for its 3-D glasses POP display. DEPARTMENTS 4 6 FROM THE EDITOR FRONT PANEL 22 This Spud’s for You by Noel Jeffrey Walmart’s new potato bags help consumers plan healthier meals. 10 SNAPSHOTS 30 PRODUCT FOCUS: COMPONENTS—CAPS, SEALS AND HANDLES 35 DATEBOOK 35 INDEX OF ADVERTISERS 24 Packaging Gets Personal by Darin Painter Digital printing treats a chocolate brand to new opportunities. 26 Chemical Enhancers by Patrick Henry Plastic additives help designers build creativity into the package. 28 First Order of Business by Linda Casey How to best communicate price on multi-unit packages. ON THE COVER In less than six months, Paul Yip, art director for Marchon3D (New York, NY), created primary packaging, a point-of-purchase display and a vending machine to market its 3-D glasses in movie theaters worldwide. The result is a design aesthetic that not only spanned these three very different branding vehicles but also strengthened each’s marketing mojo. Read more on page 18. 2 JUNE 2012 15

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Package Design - June 2012
From the Editor
Front Panel
Student Showcase
Sustainably Speaking
Eyes on the Prize
This Spud’s for You
Packaging Gets Personal
Chemical Enhancers
First Order of Business
Product Focus: Components — Caps, Seals and Handles
Index of Advertisers
Field Notes

Package Design - June 2012