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PRODUCT FOCUS PACKAGE COMPONENTS Part and Parcel Components, such as caps, seals and handles, deliver integral functionality to package designs. Wine Plug Nomacorc’s Select Series of co-extruded wine closures are made to replicate the look, texture and printability of natural corks for consistent oxygen control. A flexible outer skin is thermally bonded to the inner foamed cylinder of the closure’s core. The ends have a bark-like roughness and chamfered edge and can be end-printed. 2 1 u v w Medication-bottle Closure Developed for child-resistant packaging, this Argus-Loc is a two-piece, push-and-turn closure. The outer cap is molded from white PP, and the inner cap is made from natural PP. With a medium height skirt, this child-resistant closure is designed for a GPI or SPI 400/405 finish and is produced with either liner retention or glued-in liners, depending upon size. 3 One-piece Cap The DoubleSeal one-piece closure can be used for any hot-filled food or beverage product, as well as low- and high-acid aseptic products. It’s designed to support the neck area and offer greater seal integrity compared to traditional, two-piece closures. Made with HDPE, the band breaks before the seal is broken to provide enhanced tamper evidence and anti-sabotage protection. 30 JUNE 2012

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Package Design - June 2012
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Package Design - June 2012