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FIELD NOTES Cola Couture Jean Paul Gaultier dresses Diet Coke. ■ THE PRODUCT Le Crazy Horse de Paris is known for showcasing beautiful feminine figures, but the Parisian cabaret recently debuted an hourglass figure of a different kind—Jean Paul Gaultier’s Night and Day bottles for Diet Coke. Both bottles feature trademark looks for Gaultier, who was named creative director for the brand early this year. Designed to have a sexy rocker-chic edge to it, the Night bottle is decorated in a corset style reminiscent of Gaultier’s catwalk shows and his cone-bra design. The lace and fishnet design highlights the feminine silhouette of the Coca-Cola bottle shape and brings more than a touch of the risqué. The Day bottle is inspired by Gaultier’s signature Breton stripes, with a nautical-themed, blue-and-white design that showcases a stylish everyday look. Gaultier tops off the look with a shiny red bottle cap that represents a chic beret and a star tattoo that pays homage to Gaultier’s sailor muse. At time of publication, the bottles were available only in the U.K., France and Ireland. Coca-Cola wouldn’t comment on whether it would expand distribution to the U.S. The bottle designs are getting overwhelmingly positive responses from readers on European media sites, as well as bloggers. But what do U.S. package designers think? ■ THE VERDICT What a disconnect! Gaultier’s trashy vision of womankind casts a dull shadow across the brand. It’s more like a cheap Star Wars/Burger King promo, delivered without the toy, rather than a creative effort from a global fashion icon. Ian McLean, owner and creative director, McLean Design Inc. (Walnut Creek, CA) not increase sales at Walmart or a corner market, the collection serves the brand beautifully—and the fashion ts perfectly. Bill Goodwin, founder of the Goodwin Design Group (Wallingford, PA) The Jean Paul Gaultier collection is yet another example of Coca-Cola playing well with others and appealing to in uencers. Gaultier as Diet Coke’s creative director generates buzz and connects the brand to diverse groups—from his couture crowd to Madonna’s fans past and future (in advance of a world tour), and ultimately to any passerby who encounters the collection. While it may 36 JUNE 2012 This is a nice expression of an artist’s craft and is just plain fun. All the negative press they would get in the States would drain that fun from the effort. Glenn Pfeifer, vice president of Daymon Design (Stamford, CT) Week in 2011. Some consumers were offended by the suggestion that skinny is better. These Diet Coke bottles as virtual fashionistas may not be a great t for the U.S. market. I like the bottle designs, but do I want to drink from them? Not really. PD Leslie Tucker, independent branding and packaging design consultant (New York, NY) I’m not sure if European consumers are sensitive to the U.S.’s No. 1 export: obesity. In the U.S., Diet Pepsi found its sales pitch was off when it launched its controversial slim can during Fashion Want to have your package design highlighted in this column, or to comment on future, spotlighted package designs? Contact Linda Casey at

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