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FROM THE EDITOR BY LINDA CASEY 11262 Cornell Park Dr. Cincinnati, OH 45242 Big, Bountiful Packaging ery little about consumer packaged goods is minute. The latest research from Forrester (Cambridge, MA) pegs revenues for consumer packaged goods at more than $2 trillion in the U.S. alone. In this issue, Package Design looks at some of the supersize packaging coming out of our outsize market. Many of these packages are designed for warehouse clubs such as Costco Wholesale (Issaquah, WA) and Walmart’s Sam’s Club (Bentonville, AR). Both stores belong to a retail segment that IBISWorld (Los Angeles, CA) says has enjoyed strong growth as consumer confidence weakened—annual revenue growth for warehouse clubs and supercenters was 3.8% over the last five years. Much of this $413.4 billion market owes its success to the allure of multi-unit packaging. The promise of savings tempts cash-strapped consumers to buy multiunit packaged goods. CPG companies and retailers like how these packaged goods give shoppers a way to purchase their products—and lots of them—with less guilt. Package designers get a bigger canvas for their designs, which multiply well on the shelf or pallet for a great billboard effect. These big packages and the large quantities in which they are sold represent more than just profits for triple-bottom-line companies such as Costco. They can be gateways to more sustainable business practices. Check out this month’s Sustainably Speaking column on page 16 for three easy, ecopackage-design tips from Kevin Diegel, Costco’s art director for packaging graphics, who reminds us that simple changes have a big impact in our highvolume business. Sometimes, though, a dramatic design is the only way to go. In “Eyes on the Prize,” contributing writer Keith Loria explores how Marchon3D (New York, NY) created a package and point-of-purchase (POP) display system that markets 3-D glasses at movie theaters. Designing the packaging and POP in tandem maximized the multiplier effect that boldly delivers the Marchon3D brand in theaters worldwide and, once again, shows the many and far-reaching marketing benefits that package designers produce every day. EDITORIAL DEPARTMENT EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Linda Casey MANAGING EDITOR Ben P. Rosenfield CONTRIBUTING EDITOR Patrick Henry ART DIRECTOR Laura Mohr PRODUCTION COORDINATOR Linda Volz 513-263-9398 SALES DEPARTMENT PUBLISHER Julie Okon 317-564-8475 / Fax: 513-744-6909 ASSOCIATE PUBLISHER John T. Lyons III 770-955-2923 / Fax: 610-296-1553 CORPORATE STAFF PRESIDENT Tedd Swormstedt DESIGN GROUP EDITORIAL DIRECTOR Kristin D. Zeit PACKAGE DESIGN SUBSCRIPTION SERVICES P.O. Box 1060 Skokie, IL 60076 P: (847) 763-4938 F: (847) 763-9030 REPRINTS / E-PRINTS / PLAQUES Mark Kissling 513-263-9399 V STAY IN TOUCH WITH US BY: Email: LinkedIn: Package Design Magazine Facebook: Packagedesign Mag Twitter: packagedesignmg (no “a” in “mg”) PACKAGE DESIGN (ISSN 1554-6772) is published 10 times annually by ST Media Group International Inc., 11262 Cornell Park Dr., Cincinnati, OH 45242-1812. Telephone: (513) 421-2050, Fax: (513) 362-0317. No charge for subscriptions to qualified individuals. Annual rate for subscriptions to non-qualified individuals in the U.S.A.: $48 USD. Annual rate for subscriptions in Canada: $76 USD (includes GST & postage); all other countries: $98 (Int’l mail) payable in U.S. funds. Printed in the U.S.A. Copyright 2012, by ST Media Group International Inc. All rights reserved. The contents of this publication may not be reproduced in whole or in part without the consent of the publisher. The publisher is not responsible for product claims and representations. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to: Package Design, P.O. Box 1060, Skokie, IL 60076. Change of address: Send old address label along with new address to Package Design, P.O. Box 1060, Skokie, IL 60076. For single copies or back issues: contact Debbie Reed at (513) 263-9356 or Debbie.Reed@STMediaGroup. com. Subscription Services:, Fax: (847) 763-9030, Phone: (847) 763-4938, New Subscriptions: www.packagedesignmag. com/subscribe. 4 JUNE 2012

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Package Design - June 2012
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Student Showcase
Sustainably Speaking
Eyes on the Prize
This Spud’s for You
Packaging Gets Personal
Chemical Enhancers
First Order of Business
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Package Design - June 2012