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FRONT PANEL The Facts of Lifecycle Assessments help Kraft clarify its vision of sustainability. L ifecycle assessments (LCA) are shaping the way Kraft Foods (Northfield, IL) designs packaging. They’re intended to measure the footprint of what goes into making a Kraft product, give insight into the ways that product and packaging innovations improve on previous designs and provide a common system to gauge and explain those benefits. Kraft’s Eco-Calculator, a proprietary tool that helps package designers create more efficient and sustainable solutions, is a vital part of the LCA process. It uses data from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S. Department of Energy and packaging-industry groups to determine the percentage of postconsumer recycled material in a given package design, along with the amount of energy and carbon dioxide emissions required to create the package. Designers use Eco-Calculator to figure out how efficiently they’re using materials and how well their designs will fit a product’s physical dimensions. A realworld example: The team responsible for Kraft’s Yes Pack salad dressing (shown above) used LCA to confirm the reduced environmental impact of its design, which involved 60% less plastic packaging than the previous container. BOOKSHELF Mass Effect Intended as a guide for students focused on product packaging and graphic design, Graphics and Packaging Production, by Rob Thompson, is a 228-page reference book of key manufacturing processes for mass production. Divided into three sections—forming and construction, graphics production and finishing techniques—the book details more than 35 construction methods, from the traditional to the latest technology, using case studies as learning aides. The methods are accompanied by photographs and 448 color illustrations. Available from Thames and Hudson for $29.99. 6 JUNE 2012

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Package Design - June 2012
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Package Design - June 2012