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contents Jan/FeB 2014 vol. 12 No. 1 columns 36 FiEld NotEs By Linda Casey Does this biodegradable seed package warrant two green thumbs up? DePartments 4 EditoR's lEttER 6 FRoNt PANEl 22 12 sNAPshots 18 dEsigN tEch PRodUcts: MEtAllizEd PAckAgiNg 25 PRodUct FocUs: tRANsPARENt PAckAgiNg Features 18 35 iNdEx oF AdvERtisERs Modern, Vintage, Hip By Dianna Borsi O'Brien Vintage-inspired designs reintroduce old favorites to the breakfast table. 22 Striking Gold By Linda Casey Delve into the branding benefits metallic accents can offer for your package design project. 28 Fiery Debut By Jeff Fleischer With its sights set on the millennial consumer, innovative wine brand hits the U.S. market. 34 Tear Down the Fences By Linda Casey Explore how designers are using digital printing to break down preconceived packaging boundaries. 2 JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2014 On the COver This vintage look 28 was a natural for a Kellogg's promotion for Target, which is known as a design-savvy retailer with a perchance for retro styling. Yet, the design team wanted to avoid a literal throw-back design. Turn to page 18 to learn how Kellogg's and its agency took something old and made it new again.

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Package Design - January/February 2014
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Modern, Vintage, Hip
Design Tech Products: Metallized Packaging
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Product Focus: Transparent Packaging
Fiery Debut
Tear Down the Fences
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Package Design - January/February 2014