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table of CONTENTS JUNE/JULY 2014 VOL. 12 NO.5 Pantene's 28 PackagingGlory Crowning BY DES KING P&G aims to woo consumers with ergonomic package design for an advanced thickening treatment. 32 Nature Nut BY JEFF FLEISCHER on the cover features 7 35 Keepin' it Real BY MARK VRUNO Whether on paperboard or in digital pixels, showing trumps telling when vetting design concepts for marketing packaged goods. 51 Fresh Story BY DIANNA BORSI O'BRIEN Lively illustrations breathe life and help convey purpose to this wholesome pet food brand. 58 Brand Makers BY LINDA CASEY Explore this special section on brand-agency relationships, with insight and advice from branding industry innovators. 2 JUNE/JULY 2014 departments Beech-Nut turns to consumers for insight on how to address the struggling baby food category. The latest in the Illustration Now! Series-Illustration Now! Vol.5-features 150 illustrators from more than 30 countries. Package Design Matters: CREATIVE DRIVE BY LINDA CASEY Introducing Package Design Matters, a series of interviews with today's most innovative business-and-design leaders. First up, Mauro Porcini, chief design officer at PepsiCo. 4 EDITOR'S LETTER 6 PUBLISHER'S LETTER 7 FRONT PANEL 12 SNAPSHOTS 40 DESIGN TECH PRODUCTS: PROTOTYPING TECHNOLOGIES 72 PRODUCT FOCUS: BIOBASED PACKAGING 80 FIELD NOTES Does this Appalachian-inspired packaging have designers raising a glass or running for the hills? 79 Index of Advertisers 16

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Package Design - June/July 2014

Package Design - June/July 2014
Table of Contents
Editor’s Letter
Publisher’s Letter
Front Panel
Package Design Matters: Creative Drive
Packaging Pantene’s Crowning Glory
Nature Nut
Keepin’ it Real
Design Tech Products: Prototyping Technologies
Fresh Story
Brand Makers
Product Focus: Biobased Packaging
ndex of Advertisers
Field Notes

Package Design - June/July 2014