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PACKAGING PANTENE'S CROWNING GLORY Stylish packaging aims to be a cut above. BY DES KING I ABOVE The AgeDefy collection contains four premium hair care products: shampoo, conditioner, rejuvenating hydration masque, and the new advanced thickening treatment. 28 JUNE/JULY 2014 ncorporating a blend of pro vitamins and caffeine, the latest extension to P&G's Pantene Expert Collection AgeDefy range of hair care products is an advanced thickening treatment that increases the diameter of individual fibers to create the equivalent of an additional 6,500 strands of hair. Applied twice daily it has proved able to achieve this overall gain in hair strength and bulk in just two weeks. And according to consumer feedback, what's helping to make the restorative process a sheer pleasure are the distinctive ways in which the treatment's ergonomically designed bottle both looks and handles. "The form itself is curved; it's kind of an hourglass shape," notes P&G associate director corporate design Scott Miller. "Your hands get wet in that environment from time to time and slippery so the curve in the pack actually helped in regards to usage." P&G, manager of executive communications, Martha Depenbrock, adds: "We could have put it in a regular Pantene bottle, but when we come up with a new technology we always look at what's the right package to help the consumer understand that this is something really different." Instead, the P&G design team looked for a package that would be disruptive on shelf and work well with the package's graphic design, which includes design cues for premium such as the use of black and gold. "The graphics work on that package in a way that immediately communicates this is better, this is different, but at the same time this is still part of that larger Pantene brand family," Depenbrock says. "It all works together to say to the consumer: 'Hey, this is premium.'" DEXTROUS TO BE LUSTROUS Fundamental to the success of the treatment regime is the ease with which the formula can be sprayed close to the hair parting line using one

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Package Design - June/July 2014
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Package Design - June/July 2014