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SNAP SHOTS More than Breakfast Brand makes dinner concoction with steel cut oats. I ts mission is to bring the steel cut oat category beyond breakfast. The Grainful brand started a number of years ago and its founders wanted to bring to the market, a product that was great tasting, healthy and convenient for the consumer. "So we came up with steel cut oats and what we found was that people loved it," says Jan Pajerski, cofounder and president of Grainful. "We felt that oats are a pretty competitive marketplace to compete in. One thing led to another, so we thought, why not just treat it like rice and make it a dinner." The new design was all about communicating with the consumer. Each box was a different color, but the brand wanted consistency. "We found, obviously, that there are trends in packaging," he says. "We went that direction initially because we thought there were more pros than cons. But really, now, when the consumer looks in our direction, they see consistency across the board." Building Recognition Brand goes for shelf impact. A brand that was recognized in school lunchrooms, wanted to make a big mark on the retail shelves, so it went through a redesign. Appeeling Fruit is a fresh-cut fruit processor that's been around for nearly 20 years, developing a huge presence in schools and in retail. William Fox Munroe partnered with the brand to go through a redesign. "They wanted to appeal more to the Millennial consumer that maybe wasn't being done before" says Tom Newmaster, partner at William Fox Munroe. "It was really looking at completely redesigning the brand, not just visuals, and making the brand work well in retail." The graphics were a key focus for the brand. "We wanted the graphics and the message on the package to reflect our mission-to provide convenient food choices for healthier lifestyles," says Steve Cygan, president 12 JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2016 and CEO at Appeeling Fruit. Graphics, colors and a natural aspect of the product came through like it hadn't before, with the new design. "I think the response we've got has been completely positive from food distributors, schools, etc. Food directors really think it's a nice package and I think the kids enjoy looking at that and it's something that would be attractive to them too," says Stephanie Schreiber, customer relations at Appeeling Fruit.

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Package Design - January/February 2016
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Package Design - January/February 2016