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TA B L E O F C O N T E N T S JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2016 VOL. 14 NO.1 39 of their Labor 23 Fruits BY KEITH LORIA Boutique food brand uses ethnographic research to grow the target market for two superfruit products. 29 Celebrating Design's Best BY LINDA CASEY on the cover features A bold approach enables this package to continue to sell the brand from the retail shelf, the home and even the picnic table. A preview of upcoming awards coverage of Package Design's Brand Leaders & Rising Stars competition, the Design Business Association's Design Effectiveness Awards and the 2016 PAC Global Leadership Awards. Building Better RFPs, Project Quotes and Creative Briefs BY LINDA CASEY Spotlighting experts discussing proposals, project quotes and creative briefs, and how these vehicles are optimized for kicking off collaborative relationships. 45 Branching Out BY KATIE GRAVELY Nationally recognized brands make their mark in a new product category. Defiant Designs BY LINDA CASEY 17 Debate & Discuss Preview: departments 43 PACKAGE DESIGN MATTERS SERIES: 4 EDITOR'S LETTER 6 FRONT PANEL Event coverage from the world of design. 12 SNAPSHOTS BY KATIE GRAVELY Spotlighting innovative designs in the food packaging category. 50 PRODUCT FOCUS: CLOSURES AND BOTTLES 56 FIELD NOTES: STRAIGHT TO LOVERS' HEARTS Limited-edition packaging aims to seduce using lace and kisses. 55 INDEX OF ADVERTISERS 2 JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2016 A brave brand strategy helps entrepreneur, Vita Raykham, co-founder and creative director at Amika, envision an opportunity for international success at the start of the economic downtown.

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Package Design - January/February 2016

Package Design - January/February 2016
Table of Contents
Editor’s Letter
Front Panel
Defiant Designs
Fruits of Their Labor
Celebrating Design’s Best
Debate & Discuss Preview
Branching Out
Product Focus: Closures and Bottles
Index of Advertisers
Field Notes: Straight to Lovers’ Hearts

Package Design - January/February 2016