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Debate & Discuss PR E V I E W Bu I l dI ng B E t t E R R F P s, PR o j E c t Quo t E s a n d c R E at I V E B R I E F s t he impact of the creative brief and requests for proposals (RFPs) on the package design process is anything but small. In the March issue of Package Design, we will spotlight experts from both sides of the fence, including Chet Rutledge, director of packaging solutions for Walmart, and Keanon Swan, manager of strategic relationship management for Sprint, and more, to discuss requests for proposals, project quotes and creative briefs, and how these vehicles can be optimized for kicking off collaborative relationships. Here are some highlights from the discussion: Actionable advice from Terri Goldstein, CEO of The Goldstein Group: "Unlike buying a car or hard goods, hiring the right firm goes beyond the obvious price and time comparisons. The true 'it' factor is the chemistry and the communication that the client will have with their selected group. I believe this three step process works best: 1. NDA is signed and client sends out brief. 2. Client schedules a call-to ensure RFP goals and objectives are clearly understood by all involved. 3. Client and prospective agency meet to review proposal and prospective agency's capabilities. This helps gauge the group dynamics: chemistry, fit and trust. A proposal takes time and thought to prepare. If an agency doesn't understand your needs they have no way to intelligently respond to your request. If you don't share your budget, the agency will still write you a proposal, but it becomes a guessing game: 'Let me guess...Oh, that's not what you wanted?' Now you're frustrated and the agency is frustrated, which is no way to start a relationship! The more information you provide, the more accurate the estimate will be and the happier you will be. And ultimately all margins are established upfront and protected. The great news-when you're looking for a new creative agency for a project, make it a partnership that lasts a lifetime. Be up front, be open and you'll get the results you deserve." Kellie Chapple, general manager, New York, for Bulletproof, speaking frankly about the value of creative briefs: "I don't think that the creative brief is an outdated model; I just think that clients have got lazy and see the brief as a form filling exercise. When client businesses spend the time to get the content just right from the outset and consider how to motivate their agency partners, by making it as visually engaging and interesting as possible, you know that the creative output is going to be a success." l PACKAGEDESIGNMAG.COM 43 http://www.PACKAGEDESIGNMAG.COM

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Package Design - January/February 2016
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Package Design - January/February 2016