Package Design - January/February 2016 - (Page 50)

PROD UCT FOCUS Shrink sleeve label CSW presents packaging mock ups and 3-D renderings and production with counter-distorted shrink graphics, which means, zero degrees of separation between the concept and retail reality, CSW says. Glass Bottle with Wooden Sleeve Quadpack Group's Q-Line Wood-sleeved droppers combine real differentiation with luxury aesthetics. The new range includes a sleeves made of sustainably sourced wood, which covers the glass bottle with a viewing window to show the bulk inside. 50 JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2016

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Package Design - January/February 2016

Package Design - January/February 2016
Table of Contents
Editor’s Letter
Front Panel
Defiant Designs
Fruits of Their Labor
Celebrating Design’s Best
Debate & Discuss Preview
Branching Out
Product Focus: Closures and Bottles
Index of Advertisers
Field Notes: Straight to Lovers’ Hearts

Package Design - January/February 2016