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Personal Touch From look to feel to product, Craig Dubitsky is on a mission to elevate the everyday, starting at the home and reaching beyond. BY LINDA CASEY I " think design is kind of everything," says Craig Dubitsky, founder and CEO of Hello Products, who has either started or been on the ground floor of several ascending brands, such as Eos, Method and, of course, Hello Products. He opines that while some business leaders primarily think of design as form, color and texture, he thinks it's so much more. "It's about being hyper thoughtful about how people interact with their things," he says-essentially elevating the everyday. PACKAGEDESIGNMAG.COM 11

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Package Design - March 2016
Editor’s Letter
Front Panel
Package Design Matters Series
A Spirited Performance
Patterns of Engagement
Debate & Discuss: Driving Breakthrough Innovation
Product Focus
Field Notes: Party-Ready Package
Sponsored Section: Agencies to Watch

Package Design - March 2016