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A spirited performAnce One craft vodka's journey from farm shop listing to the Queen of England's favorite grocery store. t B y R u t h W yat t he U.K. is known for many things (rain, colorful dentistry, warm beer), but vodka isn't one of them. However, that has not hindered the growth of artisan brand Brittains Vodka, which has managed to snag a listing in Fortnum & Mason, the upmarket department store famous for its endorsement from the British royal family, and develop export markets to the U.S. and Switzerland to name but two. Brittains hails from a quiet corner of Yorkshire, a county primarily associated with straight talking, tea and real ale, and was very much a hobby brand at its inception. Created by husband and wife team John and Fiona Raper, Brittains came about through a chance phone call from a farmer friend, Richard Brittain, who had a slew of leftover raspberries and asked if the pair fancied making a batch of raspberry vodka. 18 MARCH 2016 It proved to be a hit with friends, and Raper launched a commercial venture off the back of it. Removing obstacles to gRowth "We called it Brittains because I couldn't very well call it Rapers, could I?" he says with characteristic directness. "How well would that've sold?" Within a couple of years, the brand had been extended into a range of flavored vodkas, such as chocolate and chili, strawberry and rhubarb, and butterscotch, and developed a strong local following, stocked at farm shops and some upscale restaurants, bars and pubs. But it struggled to break out of the idiosyncratic artisan mold and gain distribution on a grander scale. "The bottle and the label were a problem," Raper says. "We kept getting knocked back and it wasn't the drink, it was the packaging."

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Package Design - March 2016
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Package Design - March 2016