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FROM THE E D I T O R BY LIN DA CASE Y 11262 Cornell Park Dr. Cincinnati, OH 45242 Virtues of a Varied Visual Vocabulary W e are seeing a swing away from the simple sophistication that has dominated the packaged goods landscape since Apple's stark white iPhone packaging became consumers' sweetheart. Instead, marketers are exploiting a full breadth of visual vocabulary to better tell their brand stories and relate to consumers. Brittains Vodka is one case in point. The British brand had a beautiful yet minimal package, but the product couldn't break out of its local, artisan market to gain wide distribution. The problem, the brand owner concluded, wasn't the product because it received high marks from all who tried the spirit. The problem was the packaging. So Brittains partnered with Storm Brand Design and Kaleidoscope to better communicate the brand story with a more aspirational message. The new package pulled upon the brand's provenance to create a sense of being transported to an enchanted time of luxury, culture and whimsy. Read more about how Brittains pulled on a bit of the brand's eccentric aristocratic British history to increase sales 10 times within three months of its vodka relaunch on page 18. A return to a more complex and detailed brand story on pack can be seen across aisles. In the personal care category, Hello Products gave up its oval-shaped tottle for a more traditional toothpaste shape-the tube. The tottles were definitely shelf-standouts, but the brand found the packaging led to consumer confusion about the product. There were also some practical reasons for tube packaging, including better product evacuation. This year, Hello Products introduced beautiful kraft cartons for the tubes. The FSC-certified paperboard cartons allow Hello Products to extend story-telling opportunities from simply the primary package. Each carton sports copy written by the Hello Products CEO himself, and his personality is evident inside and outside the box with phrases such as "breathe freely and meet your new squeeze." The cartons also take advantage of a tactile vocabulary by juxtaposing the rough, natural surface of the kraft paper, which tells the brand story of naturally friendly oral care, while the swaths of brightly colored soy ink and spot varnish, with their technical proficiency, visually communicate the concepts of science and efficacy. Read more about the brand's go-to-market design strategy on page 11. Finally, Package Design has been covering Irn-Bru and its wild success with the Tartan limited-edition package in several issues now. This month, we decided to do a deeper dive into the Scottish soda brand's successful campaign, which, like Brittains Vodka, leverages the idea of provenance. In the article, "Patterns of Engagement," one of our three European correspondents, Jeremy Davies, explores how versioning technology was used to create brand fan connections that celebrate the Irn-Bru's heritage and history as well as the consumer's ethnic and family history. Read more about the consumer engagement program on page 57. And, as always, thanks for reading! 4 MARCH 2016 EDITORIAL DEPARTMENT EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Linda Casey ART DIRECTOR Don Heyl ASSOCIATE EDITOR Katie Gravely PRODUCTION MANAGER Linda Volz PRODUCTION COORDINATOR Mark Kissling PUBLISHER Gerri Brownstein 973-731-1984 CORPORATE STAFF PRESIDENT Tedd Swormstedt SENIOR VP/GROUP PUBLISHER Murray Kasmenn PUBLISHING & BRAND SERVICES COORDINATOR Christine Lewis AUDIENCE DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR Christine Baloga PACKAGE DESIGN SUBSCRIPTION SERVICES P.O. Box 1060 Skokie, IL 60076 P: (847) 763-4938 F: (847) 763-9030 REPRINTS / E-PRINTS / PLAQUES Matt Neiderer Content Sales Specialist 717-632-3535 Ext. 8265 WANT YOUR OWN COPY? 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Package Design - March 2016
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Package Design - March 2016