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FIELD NOTES Party-ready Package the verdict the design AB InBev splashes into the ready-to-drink cocktail market with product line extension. Anheuser-Busch InBev (AB InBev) extends its Lime-A-Rita brand, with a new flavored malt beverage line that enables consumers to start the party even sooner. Unlike the original beverage line, which is housed in slim, aluminum cans and meant to be enjoyed over ice, Splash is ready to drink right from the bottle. Sold in six-packs of 12-oz. glass bottles, Lime-A-Rita Splash line focuses on celebrating "margarita moments," which the company describes as those special moments when a margarita can change everyday occasions in truly unexpected ways. The new product line represents a departure not only in structure but also visual identity for the Lime-A-Rita line, with a whimsical, bubbly design. "With the introduction of Splash, Lime-A-Rita continues to reinvent the category as a convenient cocktail solution that helps our consumers extend the weekend, and treat themselves to a margarita whenever they choose," says Mallika Monteiro, senior director of LimeA-Rita. Do Package Design readers think Splash's visual identity and structure choice serves the Lime-A-Rita brand well and conveys the brand promise well? The use of the glass bottle packaging is a If they wanted to have a more appetizing clear solution for a convenient cocktail. Easy and appealing image on the 6-pack by using for the consumer to enjoy a margarita in photography, then sure-but at least connect the moment. The use of a clear label on the the angle of the glass to the label. bottle allows the design to play with negative What I'm getting to here is the market- space and utilize the color of the drink in a ing team wasn't aligned and there was a fun way. However, there is an opportunity to battle between keeping existing equities and make the bottle label and the 6-pack carrier attempting to be disruptive, which resulted design more cohesive. in a bland and disconnected final package Kristin Murphy design. Creative director at Kristin Murphy Design Inc. In terms of advertising, the 2016 Lime-ARita commercial showcases the can design I really like that the product is in glass instead of the previous container. The glass is more natural and symbolizes freshness. While the initial product offering in 2012 may from 2012 so I am struggling with the [line's] have been somewhat unique, the package connection with Splash. Beyond that, for festive just like the product experience and design was anything from ownable or intrigu- a brand that desperately needs renewed the large type used for Splash's logo makes ing. To be frank, I don't find anything about relevance, everything about this ad seems me want to quench my thirst and drink the the new packaging to be disruptive. The use dated and off target. beverage. of a sparkle sky-like image isn't anything new Nothing here connects; the packaging The coloring of the graphics is fun and The one thing I would have loved to see nor are the generic vector circles to the right, is far from disruptive or even current, the is a different cap at the top instead of the in fact they fight each other. I'm also unclear advertising is just sad and I'm afraid without same ole bottle cap we are used to. I feel if about the use of photography on the 6-pack a big change in how AB InBev is thinking the cap was more sophisticated then the holder and then abandoning it on the bottle about this brand, the writing is on the wall. product would appear a bit higher end. label when four-color artwork can be pro- John Nunziato Theodora Ntovas duced quite well on a pressure-sensitive label. Founder and creative director, Little Big Brands Founder of Yasou natural skin care WANT TO HAVE YOUR PACKAGE DESIGN HIGHLIGHTED in this column or comment on future, spotlighted package designs? Contact Linda Casey at and type "Field Notes" in the email subject line. 68 MARCH 2016

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