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SNAP SHOTS B Y: K AT I E G R AV E LY Partnered look Dutch DJ and music producer Nicky Romero works with Olmeca Tequila to launch limited-edition spirit. O Locally Centered Brand takes pride in being from a small town. R ed Rooster Coffee Roaster debuts Las Lajas Costa Rica Red Honey blend. The company is based in the town of Floyd, Va. with a population of a little more than 400. Haden Polseno-Hensley, owner of Red Rooster Coffee Roaster says that the company takes pride in its packaging being printed in Floyd. "What we're most proud of with our packaging is that we try to keep everything done in house and in Floyd," he says. "For us, packaging is moot if the quality inside the packaging isn't up to par. We do get a lot of compliments on our bags that they're unique, but none of that would mean anything if the coffee weren't good." Each bag from Red Rooster is designed to be somewhat rustic, and taps in on the essence of a small town, PolsenoHensley says. With the Las Lajas bag, Polseno-Hensley and his team were struck by the logo from Las Lajas farm. "So we asked them if we could use it and went through the importer," he concludes. 8 MARCH 2016 lmeca Tequila needed a limited edition look after partnering with Dutch DJ and music producer Nicky Romero. The top two marketing and branding goals for the package design were to create a limited edition secondary packaging for the South African off-trade market, which would unite both brands on the pack, and gain visibility and win the consumer's attention, according to Bulletproof, the firm that designed the packaging. "2015 saw Olmeca narrow our focus down to one international superstar, with the understanding that our fans would get more value out of a long-term ongoing relationship with one artist rather than many, and so far the response has been overwhelmingly positive," says Seth Periera from Olmeca. "Nicky is not only the face of our campaign but our featured DJ at the Cape Town event, our magazine editor and the partner to our 2015/2016 brand vision." Bulletproof says the substrate provided a substantial form and elegant canvas for maximum standout in the crowded travel retail environment, so Bulletproof was able to use varnishes and embossing to deliver a sleek, nightlife-focused essence of the partnership between Olmeca and Nicky Romero.

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Package Design - March 2016
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Package Design - March 2016