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TA B L E O F C O N T E N T S APRIL 2016 features 56 20 Gourmet brand uses illustration to draw consumers into its world of whimsy. The Challenge Begins on the cover VOL. 14 NO.3 PACKAGE DESIGN MATTERS SERIES: Turbo-Charging Heritage Brands BY LINDA CASEY The marketing and creative leaders behind the Fisher and Orchard Valley Harvest brands share their recipe for increasing market share. BY LINDA CASEY Makeover Challenge, sponsored by Printpack, to re-imagine a gourmet brand that aims to change the world one cup at a time. more 27 Rebranding than the Bag 15 BY JEFF FLEISCHER Name worth 33 A Remembering BY BERNARDINO REYNOSO Three critical steps in creating and protecting your trademark. 38 Debate & Discuss BY LINDA CASEY Building Better Requests for Proposals, Project Quotes and Creative Briefs departments Hefty develops a new visual brand, tying all of its products together. 4 EDITOR'S LETTER 6 FRONT PANEL 8 SNAPSHOTS BY KATIE GRAVELY Luxury: Showcasing packaging all around 53 PRODUCT FOCUS: Specialty Papers & Coatings 56 FIELD NOTES Luxury food brand uses illustration to draw shoppers into a surreal world of fancy. 55 INDEX OF ADVERTISERS 2 APRIL 2016

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Package Design - April 2016
Editor’s Letter
Front Panel
Turbo-Charging Heritage Brands
The Challenge Begins
Rebranding More Than the Bag
A Name Worth Remembering
Debate & Discuss
Product Focus:
Index of Advertisers
Field Notes

Package Design - April 2016