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FROM THE E D I T O R BY LIN DA CASE Y 11262 Cornell Park Dr. Cincinnati, OH 45242 The Call to Do More I t becomes so easy to forget about the people in our lives as we go through our days looking to grow market share, revenue and value for our brands. But the call to do more became even clearer for me while putting together this issue. About mid-way through the issue preparation cycle, my nearly always healthy mother-in-law Mary Ann took ill and was admitted to the hospital. That was on a Monday. She was diagnosed with liver cancer on Thursday and pancreatic cancer on Friday. Mary Ann passed on Sunday. Mary Ann is not the first close relative to lose the battle against cancer. My little brother Lenny lost his battle against leukemia on December 25, 1982. I'll never forget that Christmas eve. We were making a little care package for Santa Claus. I went upstairs to our bedroom to get some different colored markers, and soon after my return, my seven-year-old brother had a heart attack from years upon years of chemotherapy. Lenny was so scared. My parents and I are still devastated. Although we can't bring Lenny or Mary Ann back, we aren't completely powerless against disease. Every day, we can make choices that help ensure that fewer people die from cancer, lack of water or any variety of unfortunate circumstances by choosing to support brands with strong social missions. This year, Package Design has chosen Granum Inc.'s Choice Organic Teas for the Makeover Challenge. (Makeover Challenge is our annual blue-sky contest, sponsored by Printpack. Turn to page 20 for more information about the brand and the contest.) Choice Organic Teas has a strong social responsibility program, including support for the Chai for Cancer campaign coordinated by the Max Foundation, a global health non-profit organization. The brand has donated Masala Chai along with cups and other materials to raise awareness and funds for people facing cancer in India, through this program. Choice Organic Teas also donates tea and other grocery items to local causes, such as Puget Sound Labor Agency's food bank and Food Lifeline, a member of the Feeding America network. I know that Choice isn't alone in its philanthropic work, and I urge Package Design readers to share their philanthropic work with the rest of the community via our website: www.packagedesignmag. com/share India Nagy, creative director for Choice Organic Teas, aims to change the world one cup at a time. Let's change the world one story at a time. With a warm heart and deep appreciation, EDITORIAL DEPARTMENT EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Linda Casey ART DIRECTOR Don Heyl ASSOCIATE EDITOR Katie Gravely PRODUCTION MANAGER Linda Volz PRODUCTION COORDINATOR Mark Kissling PUBLISHER Gerri Brownstein 973-731-1984 CORPORATE STAFF PRESIDENT Tedd Swormstedt SENIOR VP/GROUP PUBLISHER Murray Kasmenn PUBLISHING & BRAND SERVICES COORDINATOR Christine Lewis AUDIENCE DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR Christine Baloga PACKAGE DESIGN SUBSCRIPTION SERVICES P.O. Box 1060 Skokie, IL 60076 P: (847) 763-4938 F: (847) 763-9030 REPRINTS / E-PRINTS / PLAQUES Matt Neiderer Content Sales Specialist 717-632-3535 Ext. 8265 WANT YOUR OWN COPY? Subscribe at Priority code: Issue STAY IN TOUCH WITH US BY: Email: LinkedIn: Package Design Magazine Facebook: PackagedesignMag Twitter: packagedesignmg (no "a" in "mg") PACKAGE DESIGN (ISSN 1554-6772) is published 9 times annually by ST Media Group International Inc., 11262 Cornell Park Dr., Cincinnati, OH 45242-1812. Telephone: (513) 421-2050, Fax: (513) 362-0317. No charge for subscriptions to qualified individuals. Annual rate for subscriptions to non-qualified individuals in the U.S.A.: $46 USD. Annual rate for subscriptions in Canada: $77 USD (includes GST & postage); all other countries: $101 (Int'l mail) payable in U.S. funds. Printed in the U.S.A. Copyright 2016, by ST Media Group International Inc. All rights reserved. The contents of this publication may not be reproduced in whole or in part without the consent of the publisher. The publisher is not responsible for product claims and representations. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to: Package Design, P.O. Box 1060, Skokie, IL 60076. Change of address: Send old address label along with new address to Package Design, P.O. Box 1060, Skokie, IL 60076. For single copies or back issues: contact Debbie Reed at (513) 263-9356 or Subscription Services:, Fax: (847) 763-9030, Phone: ( 8 4 7 ) 7 6 3 - 4 9 3 8 . N e w S u b s c r i p t i o n s : w w w. 4 APRIL 2016 http://www.packagedesignmag

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Package Design - April 2016
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Package Design - April 2016