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FIELD NOTES Curiously Thrilling? the design Luxury food brand uses illustration to draw shoppers into a surreal world of fancy. European chocolatier Monty Bojangles invites shoppers to escape to a land of delightfully delicious wonder with a brand story that is a play on the proverb, "curiosity killed the cat" into "curiosity thrilled the cat." The pioneering hero explores the exotic landscape of the unbelievable to discover and deliver treats to brand's fans. Each box is intentionally designed to be an "utterly unstructured babble of enthused, excited deliriums about flavor invention, inclusion experimentations and physics defying taste structures. This fevered cacophony of taste theories is married (the hasty devil-may-care the verdict A fun whimsical design with bright colors romantic kind) with practical treat-chemistry, as we stuff into our grinning mouths all the varied ingredients and chocolates to simulate our pre-baked inventions and hence demonstrate the sage-ness of our own particular making madness." The design is already an award winner winning the latest Red Dot contest (http:// amongst others. But when the editors of Package Design were reminded Monty Bojangles' whimsical packaging, we were curious what the Package Design community thought of the design and branding approach. Their work not only gave the chocolate brand that will likely pop off of the shelf and be a proud and distinctive reason for having the noticed next to more traditional stoic pack owner's cat on its packaging, but it also made lustration style, the nod to Monty Python designs. The verbiage used connotes hand the packaging visually intriguing too, with a was immediately apparent. That, combined craftsmanship instead of mass marketed. My fresh new look for the category. with the vibrant colors and quirky product biggest concern is both the pack structure The quirky theme works really well and Between the brand name and the il- names, suggests to me that this is a brand and graphics remind me a lot of a different is disruptive against private label brands, that will be fun to eat and doesn't take itself category, tea, and the design may primarily to such an extent. The uplift in sales and too seriously. Depending on the context in appeal to cat enthusiasts. its transformational design also scooped a which it is sold, this could make for strong Joe Pagliaro Gold in the 2016 DBA Design Effectiveness differentiation from more formal or stodgy Awards-an awards program that celebrates British brands. marketing director of innovation, leading global beer company (currently at Heineken USA but has also served in roles at AB InBev, Diageo and more) I've been told by some of my U.S. colleagues that when they hear the name the power of design to drive business results, These packages were unfamiliar to me, which Elmwood recognize as an important and they provided no visual cues as to what measure with our own clients. was inside, so there may be opportunity for There isn't much I would change here, as improvement in that regard. I also feel like Bojangles, they think of the biscuits and fried the adventurous and fun illustrations are so the stamp-like placard housing the product chicken restaurants, or on initial glance, the full of personality, the design makes you want information is a bit of a disconnect from aesthetic of this package design could easily to learn more about this brand's story. If there the illustrations and could have been more be something you might expect to see a tea was an opportunity for extra print finishes or cohesive if rendered in the same style. The brand trying to carry off in the U.S. market. But possibly sculpted emboss detailing around last aspect I would have finessed is the leg- don't let that distract you. the hero, Monty, the brand might be able to ibility of the brand name typography, as well drive a higher price point for special editions as the "Curiously Moreish" callout, which is late brand by Springetts really hits the mark in and seasonal gifting. over-kerned and feels awkwardly placed on both design and effectiveness, values that are Mark O'Donnell I think the redesign of this British choco- very close to our own heart here at Elmwood. group creative services director, Elmwood Design North America the banners. Stephen Perry creative director at Bailey Brand Consulting WANT TO HAVE YOUR PACKAGE DESIGN HIGHLIGHTED in this column or comment on future, spotlighted package designs? Contact Linda Casey at and type "Field Notes" in the email subject line. 56 APRIL 2016

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