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TECHNOLOGY REVIEW By Chris and Kathi Morrison Chris and Kathi Morrison own and operate The Image Specialists, a full-service graphics company based in Clements, CA. Chris is also a Microsoft-certified systems engineer. Printer Evolution’s Grand-Format Printers Can You Teach an Old Printer New Tricks? Have you go to wonderedit where ever old printers die? Isn’t a waste to scrap a grand-format, high-speed mammoth that once cost a quarter million dollars or more? Unfortunately, even if the frame and mediahandling systems are rock solid, the printhead technology and electronics make these machines old before their time. Seems a pity, right? Printer Evolution, taking a green stance, decided there was a better way. It built a plant to retrofit older VUTEk® printers, specifically the 3360 and 2360, with new electronics, printheads, motion-control and Key Information Printer Evolution 2011 Cherry St., Ste 116 Louisville, CO 80027 www, Contact: Greg Lamb, (855) 593-4089 operating systems (the plant is independent of EFI® and Vutek). The result is Printer Evolution’s Evo series of grand-format printers. 3360 or FabriVu™ and 2360 (Gen II only) data: Features Media RIP Printhead Ink Type Printheads Ink Colors Droplet Size Addressable resolution Apparent resolution Max media width Quality-mode speed Production-mode speed High-speed mode speed 126 in. 700 sq. ft./hr. 900 sq. ft./hr. 1,300 sq. ft./hr. Evo33/Evo33-U Roll-to-roll Caldera GrandRip+ Inkjet Piezo LoSol33 Bio-Solvent or AquaSub33 Dye Sub Spectra Q Class, Grayscale, 1,024 nozzles per channel CMYK 10 pl, variable 600 dpi 1,200 dpi 80 in. 600 sq. ft./hr. 800 sq. ft./hr. 1,200 sq. ft./hr. Evo33 II So, will the implants bring the old models back to their previous lives, to chuck along as they did in their glory days? Not. The Evo Spectra’s, variable-dot, grayscale printheads provide outstanding quality and an ink-saving, fourcolor (CMYK) process. At purchase time, you have two, environmentally friendly ink choices: Water-based, dye-sublimation AquaSub33 or the biosolvent LoSol33, for traditional printing. The latter is said to perform like a standard solvent ink, but it comprises 60% natural, renewable material with no heavy metals or HAPs. The package also includes Caldera’s Grand RIP+, which is designed to reduce ink consumption by roughly 20%. Compare the Evo33 to the original 3360, to see numerous improvements. The new, variable-dot printheads increase the original 360-dpi resolution to 1,200 dpi apparent. Also, the revised machine gains a 3x production speed via a high-resolution, fourcolor mode that prints 1,200 sq. ft./hr. in production mode and 700 sq. ft./hr. in the quality mode. If you already own a 3360, Printer Evolution can perform the upgrade on site. Don’t have a 3360? The company can deliver a completely recycled Evo 3360 to your shop. Save money and be green. 32 SIGNS OF THE TIMES / JULY 2012 /

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Signs of the Times - July 2012