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Step Up! Enter the 6 th Annual ST Vehicle Graphics Contest! ENTRY FORM Name ___________________________________________ Company _________________________________________ Address __________________________________________ City ________________ State _________ Zip ____________ Phone ___________________________________________ Email ___________________________________________ Website __________________________________________ Entry category _____________________________________ Client ___________________________________________ Project name ______________________________________ Selling price ______________________________________ Designer _________________________________________ Fabricator ________________________________________ Installer _________________________________________ C AT E G O R I E S ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ Service Vehicles (produced for a business’ direct use) Signshop Vehicles (shop trucks, service vehicles, crane trucks) Transit Graphics (bus, subway, train, monorail) Promotional Vehicles (vehicles that market a product or service) Marine Vehicles (watercraft graphics only) Unique Vehicles (3-D graphics, art cars, unusual vehicles) *ST reserves the right to change a submission’s category. Interactive form: Please provide detailed information about all applicable materials. Include brand names of products and equipment used in design, fabrication and installation. Submissions that lack sufficient data risk rejection from the contest. If more space is necessary, continue on a separate sheet – not on the back of this form. Design software or materials ____________________________ ________________________________________________ Printer/Media _______________________________________ ________________________________________________ Installation materials _________________________________ ________________________________________________ Clearcoat/Overlaminate _______________________________ Other ____________________________________________ Brief project description _______________________________ _________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ See the complete rules at Official Contest Sponsor EXTENDED Deadline: July 18 SIGNS OF THE TIMES / JULY 2012 33

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Signs of the Times - July 2012

Signs of the Times - June 2012
ST Update
Technology Update
Vinyl Apps
Strictly Commercial
Lighting Techniques
The Moving Message
Technology Review
Technology Review
Vehicle Graphics Contest Extension
New Products
The American Sign Museum Opens!
An Electric-Sign Company Snapshot
By Print or by Paint
Extreme Installs
Lessons for the Boss
The Value of Signs
Advertising Index
Editorially Speaking

Signs of the Times - July 2012