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Coastal Enterprises Primer/Filler Coastal Enterprises (Orange, CA) offers FSC-88 WB surface primer/filler, which is designed for coating its high-density-urethane (HDU) products. The coating may be applied with a brush, roller (mixture with 3% water is suggested for roller use) or sprayer, and is ready to be sanded when the primer is dry and doesn’t ball up on sandpaper (the company recommends using a shop fan to blow across the HDU’s surface). Prior to coating, Coastal Enterprises suggests using putty or filler to eliminate cuts, dings or surface damage. It also recommends the primer for wood, metal and concrete (contacting the company first to determine thinning rates for such applications is suggested). (800) 845-0745; T.J. Ronan Lettering Paints T.J. Ronan Paint Corp. (Bronx, NY) offers solvent- and water-based bulletin colors designed for sign and billboard decoration with a brush, roller or sprayer. The coatings are designed for wood, masonry, steel, concrete, aluminum and galvanized metal. At 70º F with 50% relative humidity, the solventbased colors dry to the touch within four hours, can be recoated in 12 hours and fully cure in seven days. In similar conditions, the water-based Aquacote dries to the touch within 30 minutes, and may be recoated within eight hours. The company also offers background enamels, poster paints, fluorescent colors and acrylic, metallic paints. (800) 247-6626; www.ronanpaints. com Sign Arts Products Primer/Filler Sign Arts Products (Laguna Hills, CA) sells Sign•Prime, a white, tintable, water-based primer for HDU decoration. The material may be sanded, and provides excellent adhesion for a urethane, bulletin-enamel or latex topcoat, the company states. Under normal, room-temperature conditions, the company recommends a four-hour window between primer coats, and eight hours before painting. The material may be mixed with paint or coloring additives, and may also be used to coat wood, metal and plastic. Sign Arts offers a 10-year, limited warranty for Sign•Prime. (800) 338-4030; LuminOre Spray Metals LuminOre® (Carlsbad, CA) offers a patented, 95%-metal, cold-spray technology that applies a metallic layer to HDU, fiberglass, concrete and numerous other substrates where it might be impractical to apply a solid-metal layer. The material is fireretardant, non-corrosive and non-conductive. LuminOre may also be cast and treated like cast metal; the material may be acidbrushed, sandblasted, routed or given a hot-patina wash. Available finishes include aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, iron, nickelsilver, white bronze and Z3 (sliver-gray). (760) 431-7705; Available at your distributor • Fast, easy and secure • No skinning, only snapping • Snap-konek III fits most led wires • Could be riveted LVC CoNNeCtorS INC. 8979 robert-Armour Street, Montreal (Quebec) Canada H1e 6J7 tel.: 1.888.648.9195 – Fax: 1.888.606.2368 – E339231 ** Ne w CoNNe ** Ctor Visit us at booth #1521 SIGNS OF THE TIMES / JULY 2012 / 35

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Signs of the Times - June 2012
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Technology Update
Vinyl Apps
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Lighting Techniques
The Moving Message
Technology Review
Technology Review
Vehicle Graphics Contest Extension
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The American Sign Museum Opens!
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Signs of the Times - July 2012